A Year of Collaborations | SOUTHBOUND | My First Art Exhibition| My process & behind the scenes

SOUTHBOUND is an Art Exhibition featuring Twelve Artists with a focus of Art In San Fernando. SOUTHBOUND is curated by Ms. Neala Luna. 

SOUTHBOUND is intended to celebrate the history, landscape, culture and community of south Trinidad.

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Location: The GD Gallery, Hilda Lazzari Terrace, San Fernando

Location: The GD Gallery, Hilda Lazzari Terrace, San Fernando

Exhibition opens 5pm, Thurs 28th June, ends 3pm, Sun 1st July.

Exhibition hours:
Thurs 28th: Opening Reception 5pm - 8pm
Fri 29th: 10am - 5pm
Sat 30th: 10am to 5pm
Sat 30th: Meet The Artists Lime 5pm - 8pm
Sun 1st: 10am to 3pm (Coffee & Tea Morning)

SOUTHBOUND is open to all art enthusiasts and there is no entrance fee. What's exciting is that all works of art are also available for purchase.

At the beginning of June 2018, I was been invited to exhibit my art as part of this Exhibition, a challenge I said yes to.

Commit, and figure it out
— Jimmy Chin, National Geographic Photographer


I was tasked with submitting a photo for use on my profile, a bio to support and a photo or collage that represented the work/art I create.

A collage featuring some of work I love making the most.

A collage featuring some of work I love making the most.

What was interesting is that I was advised against most of the photos of me that I preferred. In my advisor's defense they were either silhouettes or ones with my camera in front of my face blocking it. Go figure.

I was also advised, instead of submitting this collage of photos showcasing the photos I enjoy making, to choose something that would represent what I would be focusing on for the Exhibition, so the maternity shoots newborn baby shoots, portrait shots, at home shots, coffee and work with local artisans took a back seat on this occasion.


Chan, Introvertly Bubbly, is an Engineer, Electrical and Computer Engineer specialized in Control Systems and Instrumentation by profession, and a photo-making creative, visual storyteller and collaborator with a love for home-grown produce, family and the simple life. She enjoys photography, gardening, dining out (gatherings, sharing time with food around tables), travel, experiences, & all things homestead-related.

1. What is your favourite quote about art? 

I don't yet have a favourite quote about art because I haven't yet come across one that completely resonates with me. However this one stands out for me as a visual storyteller  where I relate to the painting as I do my photographs.

Art is a human activity consisting in this, that one consciously, by means of certain external symbols, conveys to others the feelings one has experienced, whereby people so infected by these feelings, also experience them.

Any quote that combines not only the work of the artist but also his/ her feelings and the act of the viewers and the people that complete their work is a favourite for me.

2. Where's your favourite place in south (to lime, relax)?

As i get older and more mature, my favorite place by far is my grandparents’, Ozzy and Irma, home on Coconut Drive in San Fernando.

3. What do you like most about south?

My childhood memories. 

4.How do you feel about the art/ architecture/ the arts that come out of south?

For me, the architecture in South Trinidad is most striking. The old architecture. The wooden homes. The unique brick profiles. And as a fitting backdrop, hills and hidden gems found in the back roads.
This all makes me feel nostalgic, completely at home and gives me a sense that I am in a real place full of real stories and real down to earth people just living as best a life as they possibly can.

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I am sharing the art space with 11 other artist all of their work I am excited to see for the first time. 

For more and exhibitor profiles please visit our event page on Facebook at this link: SOUTHBOUND


I started with and  selected, from my archives, a combination of photos I'd made over time of and in South Trinidad.

I also went out to create new work during the first two weeks of June 2018 exploring something that has interested me over the last two years that I hadn't yet shot.

It is the old architecture on the old buildings in south that used what seems to be solid clay fire blocks with raised outer sides and what I later learned to be smooth sides on thinner walls.

I drove down and around San Fernando and stopped at one of the homes that spoke to me most.

Someone was in the gallery and so I expressed my interest in the home, and asked for permission to photograph and capture the brick from the main road and I was invited in. During my brief stay there I made a collection of photographs. 

There we met Shirley. She was a spark. A fire cracker who danced while she gestured into a pose for me. There I captured he gallery caught some quick images. 

I have no idea if, when and how they would be used but I thanked Shirley for her hospitality and I went on my way.


I first sent to my partner, brother, friends and persons who had previously purchased my work and album filled with 35 or so photos I narrowed down for the event. 

This group of people were and are important to my process.

After this I focused on those that responded to the call I made on the social media app INSTAGRAM (IG) during the first week of June. The call I made on IG was to any of my IG contacts who were interested in assisting me prepare for the Exhibition.

Nine persons responded to the call. These nine persons were sent a short direct message explaining what I wanted, needed rather, and they all, all 9 of them, responded to in a timely manner. 

I received further insite from their contribution. These persons were and are  also important to my process. They are the group of persons that follow my work, are appreciators of my work on IG and so I thought it special to have them included in this body of work I was preparing. 

I did same over on Facebook, on the IntrovertlyBubbly page. No one responded there.

I also sort guidance from my art curator and printing expert.

At the end of the day the decision rested with me. 

My goal was to narrow down the collection I curated to three photos that would be used in SOUTHBOUND.

We're are almost there. SOUTHBOUND starts in 8 days.

With love from Freeport,