A Year of Collaborations | Linger Supper Club | Meets "Aroun' de Savannah"

This post is reminiscent of my early days on Introvertlybubbly writing about an event like this. But this is different. Somewhat. It is an event I am co-host to, it is not just any event, it is our event. If you are a day one here, on IntrovertlyBubbly, you'd remember how I started.

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....Combing the food, art and artisan scene locally. Capturing moments in photo and coming online anonymously to write and share about it. It feels surreal to both be writing about something, this thing that I am part of creating and also reading, and listening all about this thing we've created, words penned by others.

So I'd say that Linger is close to me. It is also a joint collaborative effort hosted by my friend Moy, those who join the team along the way (I am loving this part) and I. It is amazing to see others enjoy something you feel so strongly about, create and put out into the world. 

Moy is behind all the logistics, the event layout, and all the trimmings. I get excited and chip in as the details unfold.

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The theme for this dinner, our second Linger Supper, was 'Aroun' de Savannah', The Queens Park Savannah. The Queens Park Savannah is known to be the largest open space in Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and also is the world's largest roundabout. We met on Saturday 21st July, in Freeport to a scene inspired by The Queens Park Savannah.

Around the Savannah, you can find fitness enthusiasts, coconut vendors, lots of green space, large majestic trees, a seasonal cultural hub and food.

We dream.

We dream of how we'd recreate the scene "Aroun' de Savannah" and Moy took the lead here she spoke of umbrellas, lollies and all the food options we can be inspired by.

We both agreed that we'd focus on lighting as we did last Linger. Light is important for us at Linger. Our dinners usually start just as we lose natural light so we make every effort to pay particular attention to how and where we need light. 
We use a combination of candles, tiki torches and flambeaus. The lights while aesthetically pleasing are functional and light up the driveway and path to the event as well as the buffet and dining tables. 

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And the food. If you are Trini or, even a keen and inquisitive, explorative visitor you'd know the food scene "Aroun' de Savannah", is street, it is exceptional and varied. 

There is a variety of foods from soup, souse, geera, jerk, grilled, smoked and BBQ'ed meats, doubles, burgers, roti, gyros, fruit juices, coconut water, smoothies, ice cream, chow made to order, bake and shark pholourie among other things. If you're Trini and not aware, get outta here. Come on now.

The paved path, the iron pipes that make up the fence posts that separates the pitch from the greens space around the perimeter, the trees, the greenery, the poui and the fragrant cannon ball tree make up the unique space we often refer to as "de Savannah."

We take bookings, RSVPs and firm up on the guest list. 

By the time we've announced initial details which comes over as short for messages privately via mobile devices, the menu is in the works. When the menu is announced Moy reverts sharing about the buzz announcing it creates. The menu is not set in stone, because the meal is potlock style we are required to be flexible for many reasons. We do cater to persons with allergies and dietary restrictions. 

The chairs, tables, crockery are all planned. The layout, tablescape and space was thoughtfully and carefully crafted also.

What pleased me most during the days leading up to linger was how our Supper Clubbers formed into this well oiled contributing team. What was a single night dinner was start building months before conceptually and two days before the space we'd eventually share dinner in started to take shape. Crates of dishes arrived. Glasses. Then tables and chairs.

Rachel, a multi-talented creative, jewelry maker, potter, educator, and foodie lent her expertise and sweat equity and lead us all into creating the tablescape for Linger 02. I felt blessed to have her on board and was more in awe of all her talents  that I learned about during that time as we arranged her pottery, baby's breath, sweet lime, and cut fig leaves together.

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 I'll leave Liselle, of Built Without Hands, who is by far better equipped, to share with you some of the technical details that made Linger special, plus more. She dissects each aspect of Linger and shares about our dinners in a way that leaves me with little to no words, nodding yes's and full of awe of her writing. She does an excellent job not only capturing but communicating this entire Dream that we call Linger. Read about Linger 02 by Liselle here:


Talks about what special token would we be giving to our Supper Clubbers are all discussed and decide upon. We throw out the ideas and herb salts, infused sugars, cuttings, succulents make the list. All of which we intended to do DIY. Oh, the thrill. Do you remember the Linger 01 Pepper Sauce? You're gonna have to wait to see what special gift/ token our Supper Clubber received. It will be revealed in the photo story I share on the event, See that here

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Our budget is tightly controlled for our dinners. It being potluck style we have to be very mindful of all that we dream and reeling things in when we dream to big...for now. 

Hope you enjoy these behind the scenes as we prepped for certain aspects of Linger 02. Find all about Linger 02 here, the official post.

The parts of this collaboration that make it so special for me is the coming together of everyone. The stepping up of those who are so enthusiastic about offering their time, their passion towards building each linger so far. Last Linger Liselle joined us in a big way. This time around she remains an integral part of the team and Rachel joins us. She comes with her hand thrown naked clay, he beautiful statement decor, old fretwork and scale pieces, her expertise and flair for tablescapes and green arrangements. She comes to Freeport with Liselle, Anand, Moy and I the Friday prior and like a properly lubricated machine we set up the scene, layer on layer building the backdrop for our guests to enjoy. I can certainly live this life. I look on in pleasure in awe that an introvert like me is recharged by this. I retreat to my corner when I need and everyone with their own strengths keeps things moving forward bit by bit. It is magical.

I am glad you are here to witness this with me.


Linger 02 Features Rachel's Work