Garden Club Of Trinidad | A Barbados Inspired Home Garden, Coral on the walls and the Harrison Point Lighthouse within sight


I am so thankful to recognize moments that make me smile, feel alive, happy even when grief looms.

It astonishes me when I smile now. I am so acutely aware now of the little moments, the treasures, that break up grieving that it is an easy choice to include these things, the moments into my everyday now. Without a doubt.

Continuing to go to the garden club is one of them.

It was a treat being in the northern garden there were many tangible elements that I noticed that one can draw inspiration from when it comes to your garden and home, that are reflected here perfectly.

This garden feels magnificent. It looks the same. But understandably so, the gardener comes twice a week. His labour of love shows in all corners of the space. The owners appreciation for greenery and outdoor life is also at the forefront of the space.


This home and garden's owners are heavily influenced by Barbados. Angela the home owner explained to me that her father is from Barbados (Bim) so integrating elements of Bim into her home was a no brainier. The walls of the indoor outdoor spaces are made with Barbados Coral. The coral stoned wall is beautifully textured and painted in a soft off white colour. 

On the wall a huge piece of artwork of the Barbados landmark, the Harrison Point Lighthouse is mounted.

August 2018-7.jpg


Have you ever been?

I am a strong believer of incorporating elements of travel into a space. Especially for space owners who are fond of travelling, Look forward to travel or even for those having travel travel nostalgia.

August 2018-11.jpg

Using travel in this way you can go back in time or even live in spaces liked by places you've never actually been but long to visit.



Layers in your design

In this garden it was most noticeable that the owner chose to use layering. Interestingly contrary to what I have usually seen the layers were created mostly by building up the soil in steps as opposed to using plants that grow to different heights. This to me allowed the garden to be planted using similarly sized growing plants that were set in soil elevated to create each layer. 


Another thing that I noticed in the gardens of The Garden Club of Trinidad is the landscaping style where clusters of plants and borders of plants are placed around and within the property. With plants usually being placed on and around the roots of large statement trees and those bordering the perimeter walls and fences, with low, manicured lawn or stepping stoned paths used in the open spaces.




The colours used on the walls, in the decorative pieces and in all the flowers that all seemed to be in bloom at the same time provided that sense of life among all the greenery and earth toned elements incorporated in the garden space.

Decorative Elements



There was no shortage of space and places to sit. 

Merging Indoor outdoor space


Wood and White, and the Earth tones and all THE greenry