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My creative process | The battle. To Watermark. Not to watermark.

I didn't start off watermarking my photos. I was advised to start. 

This was three years ago.

Since then I have battled with the idea : to watermark or not to watermark. I understand the pros and cons of a visual watermark on an artists photography, personally however I believe unless to specifically communicate a partnership, sponsorship or something specific because I find it distracting, I prefer "not to watermark". I am scolded often because of this preference but try and tend to stick to the advise, "to watermark", of my trusted advisers that are not so closely tied to my work.

I will discuss some of the ways I have watermarked in the past. Over the years

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Find your own adventure at the Art Society, Trinidad and Tobago | Explore and Wander

At 9.45 on Saturday I walked into the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago to begin their two day, weekend long class in water colour painting with Artist Clayton De Freitas. I walked in through the glass door, to an almost already filled space, excited as can be ready and eager to start after having made my first batch of manual brewed coffee at home, for two. 

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