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Mint and Coffee

There is a place and time for everything. Including Coffee. Coffee has no place when you're on a journey to fertility. No place when you should be drinking teas instead. No place when you're on a detox. No place as part of any nighttime ritual. No place if you're hungover or sick. You get what I am saying here.

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My Coffee Ritual

Spoiler alert: I typically learn by doing so it is where I started, by doing. After some research and chats with other coffee aficionados, I got started with a Chemex, 2016. Then I received the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me, Xmas 2016, and the Aeropress, Xmas 2017. 

I prefer to use locally Roasted coffee, so I do that also. 

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Coffee Talks | Weekend coffee share

If we were having coffee we'd probably sitting. We'd probably be already close or about to get really close. We'd most likely listening to each other talk. I probably be trying to be a good listener and try my hardest not to take a photo of our coffee. If however we are really having coffee, and it were a comfortable space, most likely you'd probably be dying also to take a photo of our coffee too and we'd get into it. 

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