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The unique balance | Vultures on Grande Riviere Bay

During turtle nesting season, locally between the months of March to August (but I advise friend July), many flock to the north east coast to experience, one of the largest surviving turtle species on earth, the Leather Back turtle nestling. The published and popular nesting beaches are Matura, Fishing Pond and Grand Riviere. 

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Explore and Wander | Steamology, Solitude on a Friday Night

I work in a place where photography is forbidden. The one thing that takes my breath away, that I can do completely in the moment, be present I am forbidden to do for the majority of the day. It is painful. To see moments after moment. Picture perfection after perfection. Steam rising, water falling, flares flaring to just appreciate it as it is wo even possibility to capture to preserve and cherish. It's beautiful in itself that I can't photograph. There is a lesson in that also, I pay attention to it. The patience I learn. It forces me to observe and mentally plan and mentally create and make photos in a way that I can only hope to one day actually do. It is how I treat most of my photography, save for the candid, as a fly on the wall observing, returning, watching like prey.  Studying. And then when read shooting.

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Explore and Wander | Friday evenings in solitude with Nature

My Friday's in solitude with nature are becoming easier. Using my camera is a practice that helps me get through these moments where I am in between wanting companionship and lack it. I still love these afternoons as much I did initially even when I admit that it is not solely what I want in the long term.

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