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The Garden Glub of Trinidad | We go to Brazil and visit Wendy.

It seems that there are a lot of plant entries in the Journal lately. This one joins the collection and is all about April's Garden Club Gathering. I am still feeling very privileged to be part of this tight-knit club of Gardeners here in Trinidad. In April, last month, Aaron and I went on a road trip to Brazil, to Ms. Wendy Lee Yuen's Garden.

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The Garden Club of Trinidad| A Home Garden in Santa Cruz

A Photo Story.

For those that dream of moving to Gran Couva, Santa Cruz, The St. Joseph Valley on a large plot of land, with extravagantly long and winding drives up to a home tucked neatly away in between all the greenery. This right here is the next best thing. ...

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Mint and Coffee

There is a place and time for everything. Including Coffee. Coffee has no place when you're on a journey to fertility. No place when you should be drinking teas instead. No place when you're on a detox. No place as part of any nighttime ritual. No place if you're hungover or sick. You get what I am saying here.

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Rain Inspired | Rainy Days and Working on Rain Inspired concept Photography

If you've never heard about Composite photography, don't worry. I've never either, that is not before my last year. As I grow with my photography there are two things that are intriguing me... Currently these two things are capturing images in the truest forms, with electricity lines, poles and all and the creating of images as in

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