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Joie De Vivre | Florist and their Flower Art

Flowers inspire me a huge deal in my daily work and leisure. It was an utmost pleasure photographing this work. Working with this as my subject with the first set of weekend morning light, early touching each flower, their stems still cold from the water they stood upright in, almost ideal conditions so they can stay freshest longest. The mild fragrance and then even stronger with every brush past couldn't be ignored.

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My creative process | The battle. To Watermark. Not to watermark.

I didn't start off watermarking my photos. I was advised to start. 

This was three years ago.

Since then I have battled with the idea : to watermark or not to watermark. I understand the pros and cons of a visual watermark on an artists photography, personally however I believe unless to specifically communicate a partnership, sponsorship or something specific because I find it distracting, I prefer "not to watermark". I am scolded often because of this preference but try and tend to stick to the advise, "to watermark", of my trusted advisers that are not so closely tied to my work.

I will discuss some of the ways I have watermarked in the past. Over the years

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A Comissioned Project | Concept Photography with TT Wed-zine & Mother's Day Notes For You

Over the last couple months we have worked hard conceptualizing and making images for a project with a local publication and are very excited to offer Love Notes just in time for Mother's day. 

The magazine chose one of the photos, out of the the collection made for their 2016 publication which is appropriately themed. We can't wait to see and read the magazine and look forward to publish day and you can also look out for that also, May 2016.

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Slow Living | Making Home

Loving the time I can carve in everyday feels like a blessing. Making home and using what I have is becoming a way of life. Something I am surprising everyone close to me, including myself with. Tidying, cooking and retreating into a slow paced life inspired by nature and the everyday inspires me. I still have a strong desire to wanderlust and travel but I am finally seeing the benefits of settling into a work like balance, not disrupted by vacations trips abroad. It feels good finally getting a hold on routine, bills and managing in a life without overtime and long work weeks. I miss the creativity I have gained executing Engineering in the environment I once had, in the way that I have had but I have gained so much, three years later. In case you missed it, it was about three years ago that I stopped working extended hours as an engineer, allowing me to re-discover weekends and life on straight time. In addition to this direct benefit and rediscovered time, I

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Painting and Sipping | Marie, Ru, V and I

I am a strong advocate for joining your friends and family on sharing your bucket list items. You won't believe the magic that results. We've been trying to fall into one of the local Paint and Sip Art Parties just for the fun of it. Possibly because we enjoy sipping in each others company that always results in long nights, lots of laughter and more sipping, chatting and eating that anything. One of those nights that just for the while nothing matters but what your doing. Those are the nights we love together. 

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The National Culinary Team Practice Dinners 2016

The National Culinary Team is back with their Practice Dinners this year and just like the last time, they prepared for the Taste the Caribbean Completion and held similar Monday Night dinners, this time is an enjoyable as ever. Why?


It's on a Monday. Just when Monday blues hit, if you have them that is, where you can spice up the beginning of your week with dressing up and heading out for a dinner date night. Carry your significant other, crazy foodie friends or go solo I think the night is perfect for either one of these adventurers.

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Coffee Talks | Weekend coffee share

If we were having coffee we'd probably sitting. We'd probably be already close or about to get really close. We'd most likely listening to each other talk. I probably be trying to be a good listener and try my hardest not to take a photo of our coffee. If however we are really having coffee, and it were a comfortable space, most likely you'd probably be dying also to take a photo of our coffee too and we'd get into it. 

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