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Slow Living | Making Home

Loving the time I can carve in everyday feels like a blessing. Making home and using what I have is becoming a way of life. Something I am surprising everyone close to me, including myself with. Tidying, cooking and retreating into a slow paced life inspired by nature and the everyday inspires me. I still have a strong desire to wanderlust and travel but I am finally seeing the benefits of settling into a work like balance, not disrupted by vacations trips abroad. It feels good finally getting a hold on routine, bills and managing in a life without overtime and long work weeks. I miss the creativity I have gained executing Engineering in the environment I once had, in the way that I have had but I have gained so much, three years later. In case you missed it, it was about three years ago that I stopped working extended hours as an engineer, allowing me to re-discover weekends and life on straight time. In addition to this direct benefit and rediscovered time, I

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