Our newest bistro find in the heart of San Fernando

Shared experiences around tables is close to my heart and when it is in South Trinidad, as a central/southerner it feels to me extra special to explore and find right in my own backyard.

How well do you know San ‘do? Lewis Street runs parellel to Chancery Lane, which is the Main Street that runs East of and parellel to landmarks like San’do General Hospital, Naparima Boys etc.

Lewis Street is one of the one way street, heading north. Almost all the way to the top of Lewis Street on the left handside, resides the eatery Cristiano’s Bistro. A parking nightmare on a work week day seemily a completely different scene early on a Saturday morning. With streetside parking Cristianos is easy to miss, but I hope to help. Their location signs run parallel to the street instead of perpendicular which I think would be easier for first timers to locate the southern eatery. Nonetheless Cristiano’s is situated just after Lesedi brides (noticeable by their large green sign) and shares a building with Omega Industries Limited. 

Nice, now that we are all here…


At the Entrance

Comfortable seating and a cozy corner as you enter.


IntrovertlyBubbly was invited and hosted by the team at Cristiano’s for their first menu tasting.

Keep scrolling to see what’s on their menu.


A corner seat after my own heart

Perfect for…

lounging or sitting cafe style.


If on a remote work day out of office these seats are equiped complete with WiFi (throughout Cristiano’s) and table side plugs. I sigh yess I can work here.


Grabbing a corner and window seat…

We ordered ourselves the perfect cup of roastel with our cream frothed on top.


A few snaps over our cups,…

some moments absorbing the ambiance and we were all prepared to dig into the menu


Ratatouille Panini and Saffron Coconut Rice Bowl

Ratatouille Panini | Cosmopolitan of Grilled Vegetables with Marinara Sauce served with fries.

Saffron Coconut Rice Bowl Spices with Tomato Choka with a side of 4oz Grilled Salmon


Asian Style Quinoa Bowl "Fried Rice"

Perfect as a side or to complement your Keto Lifestyle with a dash of Quinoa your carb quota for the day won’t be hindered much.


South Side Chicken and Waffles

A popular option on the Waffle menu. Also available are Vanilla, Chocolate Chip and Fruit Compote.


Cristiano’s Pancakes

They boast a delectable stack of flavorful pancakes. They come in three and are quite fulling.


Artisan Veggie Burger with a side of Hash Browns

Slow Roasted Bell Peppers, Eggplant Tempura, Pineapple, Grilled Red Onions, severed between a bun


My absolute favorite meal here at the moment and one I would go back for. I do form memory/ experience connections with food and this right here is on my list.

Saffron Coconut Rice Bowl Spices with Tomato Choka with a side of 4oz Grilled Salmon

IntrovertlyBubbly was a guest of Cristiano’s Bistro and hosted to this beautiful meal.

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