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Explore and Wander | Art at the Crosby House in SOHO, New York

Cloaked up from head to toe, in a borrowed winter uggs', a little back dress over black leggings covered by a black coat complete with scarf and gloves, a barely there grey twill flats with my 50mm I joined Artist Duhirwe Rushemeza, Justin Orvis Steimer and others one night in Soho last November.

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Explore and Wander | The weekend at the Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel, Trinidad

I have visited this hotel twice before. Once as a teenager and the other time earlier this year on New Years. This time I return in the company of two of my friends. We could not have enjoyed the trip into Grande Riviere any better, our trip was filled with laughs, stops and girl talk. The 5 hour plus ride here did not phase us. We were here in paradise for two nights and three were there are continuous crashing waves, hard wood furniture, rich local cuisine, stillness, mosquito nets and sounds and sites to warm your soul. We stayed up late to catch the turtles nesting and woke really early to see them before they left for the night and enjoy the sunrise on the bay. We visited the Ylang Ylang Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner (check back as we'll post links to the food there).

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