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The Garden Club of Trinidad| A Home Garden in Santa Cruz

A Photo Story.

For those that dream of moving to Gran Couva, Santa Cruz, The St. Joseph Valley on a large plot of land, with extravagantly long and winding drives up to a home tucked neatly away in between all the greenery. This right here is the next best thing. ...

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Painting and Sipping | Marie, Ru, V and I

I am a strong advocate for joining your friends and family on sharing your bucket list items. You won't believe the magic that results. We've been trying to fall into one of the local Paint and Sip Art Parties just for the fun of it. Possibly because we enjoy sipping in each others company that always results in long nights, lots of laughter and more sipping, chatting and eating that anything. One of those nights that just for the while nothing matters but what your doing. Those are the nights we love together. 

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The National Culinary Team Practice Dinners 2016

The National Culinary Team is back with their Practice Dinners this year and just like the last time, they prepared for the Taste the Caribbean Completion and held similar Monday Night dinners, this time is an enjoyable as ever. Why?


It's on a Monday. Just when Monday blues hit, if you have them that is, where you can spice up the beginning of your week with dressing up and heading out for a dinner date night. Carry your significant other, crazy foodie friends or go solo I think the night is perfect for either one of these adventurers.

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Rich Local Lifestyle | A month challenge with Local Food

I think by now we know all to well that most new endeavors taken are challenging at first. This is like no other. I am no stranger for living and cherishing a rich local life. From showers with local soaps, oiling my moist skin with locally made bath and body products, to local coffee and cocoa tea. To locally made hard wooden house wares, local and seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables. Staycations, wandering locally, local music and arts. I am no stranger. Gifting local jewelry. Shopping local designers for my favourite effortless maxi dresses and accessories.

On my way to my dreams living a rich local life is something I completely enjoy and something that is a critical part of the bigger picture. In tending towards a rich local life, sustainability of this life and essentialism are of utmost importance and drive most of my purchasing decisions.

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Explore and Wander | Friday evenings in solitude with Nature

My Friday's in solitude with nature are becoming easier. Using my camera is a practice that helps me get through these moments where I am in between wanting companionship and lack it. I still love these afternoons as much I did initially even when I admit that it is not solely what I want in the long term.

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Explore and Wander | The weekend at the Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel, Trinidad

I have visited this hotel twice before. Once as a teenager and the other time earlier this year on New Years. This time I return in the company of two of my friends. We could not have enjoyed the trip into Grande Riviere any better, our trip was filled with laughs, stops and girl talk. The 5 hour plus ride here did not phase us. We were here in paradise for two nights and three were there are continuous crashing waves, hard wood furniture, rich local cuisine, stillness, mosquito nets and sounds and sites to warm your soul. We stayed up late to catch the turtles nesting and woke really early to see them before they left for the night and enjoy the sunrise on the bay. We visited the Ylang Ylang Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner (check back as we'll post links to the food there).

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