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The unique balance | Vultures on Grande Riviere Bay

During turtle nesting season, locally between the months of March to August (but I advise friend July), many flock to the north east coast to experience, one of the largest surviving turtle species on earth, the Leather Back turtle nestling. The published and popular nesting beaches are Matura, Fishing Pond and Grand Riviere. 

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Rich Local Lifestyle | A month challenge with Local Food

I think by now we know all to well that most new endeavors taken are challenging at first. This is like no other. I am no stranger for living and cherishing a rich local life. From showers with local soaps, oiling my moist skin with locally made bath and body products, to local coffee and cocoa tea. To locally made hard wooden house wares, local and seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables. Staycations, wandering locally, local music and arts. I am no stranger. Gifting local jewelry. Shopping local designers for my favourite effortless maxi dresses and accessories.

On my way to my dreams living a rich local life is something I completely enjoy and something that is a critical part of the bigger picture. In tending towards a rich local life, sustainability of this life and essentialism are of utmost importance and drive most of my purchasing decisions.

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