My Photography Practice

My Photography Practice

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This series is a collection of six classes that offer all the tools you need to begin A Personal Photography Practice. It is designed for individuals, brands, brand representatives and for those who want to deepen their practice and uncover their very own voice behind the lens.

You will be using manual photography, observing and using natural light and discovering your very own visual perspective, driven by intention, observation and appreciation.

What you learn here will allow you to move confidently behind your camera, whether it be a smart phone, point and shoot or DSLR, using patience, observation and solid techniques and create images that capture what you set our to capture and that you can be proud of.

The classes cover:

  • General Information

  • Staged Intentional Shoot

  • Everyday Lifestyle (effortless, un-staged) Shoot

  • The Cinemagraph

  • Capturing Steam

The classes are designed to be repeated over time.

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