Fresh Whole Tilapia

Fresh Whole Tilapia


Weekly Harvest.

We farm raise Tilapia. There are raised in our all natural, safe farmed Aquaponic System on our all organic orchard in Freeport, Trinidad. These fish are hormone and antibiotic free, well taken care of and live in a spacious, not crowded production tanks.

We harvest the fish when they are anywhere from 1.5 to 2lbs. They have an incredible clean, natural and freshest taste.

Tilapia Pricing

$2.70USD/ $18.00TTD per pound for the total weight of the fish (For example,  4lbs of fish would cost $10.80USD/ 72TTD. 

 This item is also sold to retail to individual customers, to restaurants, cafes and other local partners. Wholesale prices available.


 Please note delivery time from fingerling to mature ready to eat Tilapia is 6months are we aim to have bi-annual sales of our fresh fish

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