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Planting EDIBLES With

Local Artisan Greens


Real Estate photography, HOtels and Staycations | This is a beautiful sleep at the Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel, Grande Riviere 


Local Artisan Greens-3.jpg


Moments at home


Food Photography

IntrovertlyBubbly Photography_Still Life_Commissioned by Trinidad Weddings_ Love Letters.jpg

Still Life

Coffee and a Book.jpg

Coffee Time

Outdoors/ Landscapes

Celebrations and Family | Skylar's First 

Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Local Artisans | Jewelry Designer Salomi Home | Work Shot for Alckemi

Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Local Artisans | JB Chocolates | Work Shot for Alckemi

Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Local Artisans | Coffee date with friends and Noir coffee Lab

Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Local Artisans | African Ark Jewelry | Work Shot for ALCKEMI w one of my dearest FRIENDs RU

Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Local Artisans | Local Entrepreneur | Natalie Scott

Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Local Artisans | Woodwork by Arthur's woodwork | Work Shot for ALCKEMI w one of my dearest FRIENDs RU

Cross, a U.S. Based young model. I created his profile portraits. Wishing him all the success.

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