One on One

One on One

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Learn when it fits your schedule! Your session with me will be personalized for your individual needs, whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer. 
 We would spend an entire day together. The day would start at 2 and end at 7 and would include a shoot, perhaps w a beautiful model or featuring a local brand or both.

We'll talk photography and I will demonstrate my process from vision to, setting up to make the photos to editing and coming up with the final shot.


No. Not at all. I welcome non-photographers and all levels of photographers from those that enjoy and appreciate pictures, the professional phoneographer to hobbyist to beginner.


You can, like some of my other photo-walk guests, come with nothing but your smart-phone camera. Using a film cameras, a point & shoots,  (or like me) a DSLRs would also work. 

If you are interested in taking better photos for yourself and your family, or because you want to master your visual voice and hone your visual creative expression, or if you are a creative interested in making your own product and social media photos.

Come to have a good time, come to make photos, come for fresh air and nature. 

We'll walk. We'll talk. We'll bond. We'll learn together.

I look forward to hosting you.

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